Directions to San Timoteo Nature Sanctuary
Exit South on Eureka, Turn Right onto Olive, Turn Left onto Center, Turn Right onto Crescent, Turn Left onto Allesandro, Drive for 1.2 miles, parking is on the right

In Season Training:

When school starts up in the fall practice will switch to after school. Practice start times will be based on projected weather and the time of sunset. As of now Tuesdays are planned to remain at 6am for the entire team (subject to change based on coach availability and the athlete’s ability to get ready quickly in the locker rooms)

Coaches note:

I am very excited to start my second season with the Blackhawks. We had a considerably successful 2015 season and I would like to build upon that success this year. I know I am asking for a lot of dedication with practices starting at 6am (not just from the athletes because I know they need rides), but I truly believe this start time will lead to faster races this season. Training in the cooler mornings will allow for faster training runs with less walk breaks which will directly translate to faster racing. With hard work and dedication everyone will be able to hit the goals they set for themselves this summer. I can’t wait to see everyone on the first day of summer practice.

-Coach Parker